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Sandra Clark...
It’s about McIntyre
Anyone who thinks the upcoming vote for school board chair is a choice between Mike McMillan and Doug Harris just hasn’t been paying attention. It’s no more about McMillan and Harris than the 9th District school board election was about Pam Trainor and Amber Rountree.

When politicians remove the citizens’ right to elect a school superintendent, then each school board race becomes a referendum on the job performance of the appointed superintendent. It’s not accidental that Jim McIntyre faces an unfriendly board majority likely chaired by Mike McMillan.   More

Betty Bean...
Betty Bean will return Sept. 23
Cheryl Hodge and fifth-generation apple prepper Virginia Dockery, 4, get excited about apples.

How do you like them apples?

By Cindy Taylor

Fairview United Methodist Church has a unique tradition involving more than 24,000 apples. Its kitchen, located in the basement of the church, is quiet and unassuming on the outside, but once each year it becomes a bustling hub of activity.

More than 60 years ago the first candy apples left the church kitchen to make their way to the then-named TVA&I Fair. Six generations later, carloads of the crunchy delicacy still head to Chilhowee Park each September.

When Caleb Money and the founders built the original church in 1905, it is unlikely they envisioned such an extensive apple ministry. Today it is the church’s largest fund­raiser for missions. Last year alone the church raised more than $10,000 to benefit missions and community projects.

“This started as a women’s mission project and grew from there,” said lifetime member Cheryl Hodge, granddaughter of...”   More