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Why government fails to protect health and safety

Joe Carson
Government/Politics columnist

I am Joseph Carson, PE. I have lived in East Tennessee for almost a quarter-century, raising my family, while running the gauntlet as a licensed professional engineer (PE) employed by the Department of Energy, in positions with significant responsibilities for public and worker health and safety, including nuclear safety and security.

So what to you, my neighbor in East Tennessee?

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Steve Hall loses with $42k surplus

Victor Ashe
Government/Politics columnist

Early voting is underway, and political observers are surprised that state Rep. Steve Hall has $42,000 left over from his narrow loss to Martin Daniel in the August GOP primary. Had he spent a couple of thousand more dollars he might have gotten another 160 votes and won.

What can a defeated legislator do with leftover campaign funds? He cannot convert it to personal use but is otherwise fairly free to spend it or give it away as he wishes.

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The case for Gloria Johnson

Sandra Clark

Gloria Johnson is fighting for her life. Make no mistake.

State Rep. Johnson won election two years ago by some 200 votes against a good candidate, Gary Loe, who was painted as GOP-lite by some party activists. That’s not the case this year, as the more conservative Eddie Smith squeaked by Jason Emert in the August Republican Primary.

It’s hard to carve two predominately Democratic districts in heavily Republican Knox County. And veteran state Rep. Joe Armstrong got first dibs on the Ds.

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Here come the Growlers

Sandra Clark

This week we’re starting a newspaper.

On Wednesday, my Army-style volunteers Carol Springer and Ruth White and I are heading to Sarah Moore Greene Magnet Academy, where principal Susan Espiritu and an energized staff are creating a community school.

Our newspaper club is one of 15 that meet weekly after school to engage small groups. We’ll find out today if our student journalists volunteered Army-style, too.

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What’s a PECCA: And where is ours?

Betty Bean
Government/Politics columnist

The candidates for the District 2 school board seat are smart, accomplished women who were probably curve-busters as students, so it was embarrassing when moderator Matt Shafer Powell asked what they thought of PECCA at last week’s League of Women Voters forum. Nobody had an answer.

To be fair, the moderator mispronounced it, but neither Charlotte Dorsey, Jamie Rowe nor Tracie Sanger knew what he was talking about.

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