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The unsinkable June Jones

Betty Bean
Government/Politics columnist

Democrats once dominated the Volunteer State’s political landscape – both senators, the governor, the General Assembly and most of the congressional delegation. Now, Republicans control most every nook and crevice of government and Democrats are trying to climb out of the ditch.

One way to begin to do it would be to figure out a way to bottle the energy of June Jones, field representative for the U.S. Senate campaign of Democratic Party nominee Gordon Ball.

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Kaousias is Johnson appointee to election board

Victor Ashe
Government/Politics columnist

Tammy Kaousias is the newest member of the Knox County Election Commission and is the appointee of state Rep. Gloria Johnson, who has known her for more than 20 years.

An attorney in solo practice of business law, she is a member of St. George Greek Orthodox Church. She met her husband in 1997 in West Java, Indonesia, where they married. He is a Knoxville native, and they live in North Hills.

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Trail panoramas may be first for a U.S. greenway system

If you take a stroll on a Knoxville greenway and you run into a robot riding piggyback on the shoulders of a hiker, you have just seen (and been photographed by) a Google Trekker.

But if you try to talk to the hiker, he/she will hand you a card that says, “We’d love to chat, but we have to keep moving!”

The card explains that Knoxville and Knox County are partnering with Google to produce a Street View video of the whole green­way system and other notable local landmarks.

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Change is hard

Betty Bean
Government/Politics columnist

In the recent past, when teachers or parents asked for relief from Knox County Schools’ test-happy corporate reform regime, Superintendent James McIntyre and the 8-to-1 school board majority that had his back would tell them to suck it up and get with the program.

“Change is hard,” they’d say to tearful mothers telling of their children’s mounting test anxiety.

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