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New York to Knoxville
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Sandra Clark...
Peggy Arnold: one of a kind
Nobody in Halls made me laugh as much as Peggy Arnold. She died Aug. 13 at age 82. A former Halls Woman of the Year, Peggy was involved in so many projects it is hard to list them all.

She and husband Charles were founders and early leaders of the Halls Community Park. Rather than waiting for Knox County,...  More

Betty Bean...
Mama makes three: Rountree attends orientation
Superintendent James McIntyre is off to a rocky start with one of his new school board members.

Ninth District school board representative-elect Amber Rountree will be sworn in Sept. 2. She is due to have a baby Sept. 6, and...   More
 David Moon in his office at Riverview Tower. Photo by Betty Bean

Moon manages more than money

By Betty Bean

“When you go fishing, use bait that fish like. … Why don’t you put pizza on your hook? Because fish like worms more than they like pizza. If you want to attract another person or get their attention, think about what that person might like. It’s probably different from your favorite things. People are different from fish. And they are often different from each other, too.”

–June 11 devotional, from “Thoughts are Things,” daily devotional readings for children by David Moon

He grew up in George Wallace’s Alabama and had a picture of Richard Nixon’s Oval Office on the back of his bedroom door. His grandmother dated Wallace’s predecessor governor, Big Jim Folsom, whom Moon describes as “not quite a benevolent dictator, but as honest as you could be as an executive politician in the South in the 1950s.”

He remembers crying the day Nixon resigned.   More