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A heritage worth remembering: Finding John Bean

Betty Bean
Government/Politics columnist

One Saturday evening in 1958, I settled down in front of the TV at my grandparents’ house to watch “The Gray Ghost,” which celebrated Col. John Mosby, a dashing Confederate whose raiders rode rings around dimwitted Yankees to the tune of “The Yellow Rose of Texas.” I loved that show.

But Mosby didn’t have time to draw his sword when my granddad came barreling out of the kitchen and told me to find something else to watch.

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McIntyre’s terrible, horrible, no good, very bad week

Betty Bean
Government/Politics columnist

Last Monday, Knox County Commission verbally spanked schools superintendent James McIntyre before voting 9-1 not to help him out of a potential legal jam by retroactively approving a grant he’d accepted last fall without going through the proper legal and procedural channels.

On Tuesday morning, the news broke that the previously anonymous “unindicted co-conspirator” mentioned in the tax fraud indictment of state Rep. Joe Armstrong is McIntyre ally and former school board chair Sam Anderson.

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UT controversy won’t end soon

Victor Ashe
Government/Politics columnist

The controversy over removing the name Lady Vols from most teams (except women’s basketball) continues. It is not going away anytime soon given the letter state Rep. Roger Kane wrote (co-signed by 44 other lawmakers) and sent to the UT Board of Trustees.

Kane secured the signatures of 45 of the 132 members of the General Assembly without trying. He simply passed the letter around and got a strong reaction. Kane is a solid, conservative lawmaker from northwest Knox County. He defeated longtime political powerhouse Sheriff Tim Hutchinson to win the GOP primary and became known as a political giant-killer. Prior to this, he was virtually unknown.

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Open-streets program could foster bike-friendliness

Wendy Smith
Government/Politics columnist

It would still be a stretch to call Knoxville bike-friendly, but there are indications that we’re on the right path.

A new bicycle facilities plan maps out needed upgrades to the city’s bicycling infrastructure, and one of the top projects – sidewalks, crosswalks and 800 feet of a 6-foot shoulder on the south side of Kingston Pike at Golfclub Road – has been funded with a $946,000 grant from TDOT.

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