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Hart attack

Betty Bean
Government/Politics columnist

Note: This story contains a term never used in the Shopper-News: Lady Vols. Our editorial policy specifically bans the use of such gender-identified terms but will make an exception for this report on the growing controversies in the University of Tennessee Athletics Department.

Last November, the UT Athletics Department announced the “One Tennessee” initiative, which will abolish the use of the name “Lady Vols” in all sports except basketball. Athletics director Dave Hart said this change was driven primarily by past and present student athletes and secondarily by Nike, which is UT’s new “apparel partner,” replacing Adidas.

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Big birthday for Moxley

Victor Ashe
Government/Politics columnist

Cynthia Moxley, lead partner in Moxley Carmichael Communications, turns 60 on March 2, but she celebrates with a big splash at Holston Hills Country Club with Con Hunley performing on Feb. 27.

Moxley moved to East Tennessee in 1978 working for the Gatlinburg Mountain Press and has stayed for the past 37 years. She was born in Rome, Ga., and moved to Columbus, Ga., in the sixth grade. She attended Catholic schools through the 12th grade.

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Icy weather doesn’t stop Mobile Meals

Sara Barrett
West Schools

People all over Knox County struggled with weather woes during last week’s ice and snow extravaganza, but a few pressed pause on their own hardships to help folks who were worse off.

Mobile Meals’ volunteer coordinator Shelly Woodrick said the program welcomed more than 40 new volunteers within 48 hours when the weather was at its worst. “Our phones just rang off the hook,” Woodrick said of people calling to help.

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State of the schools, errr super

Betty Bean
Government/Politics columnist

Knox Schools Superintendent James McIntyre got some unexpected love lately, and not from the usual suspects. Not for his recent presentation before the U.S. Senate’s Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee, nor for his State of the Schools address nor his appearance on WBIR TV’s “Inside Tennessee.”

The gusher of gratitude erupting from students who were thrilled about the school-free week occasioned by last week’s bad weather exploded on Twitter, where McIntyre’s face got Photoshopped onto Mt. Rushmore and an “American Sniper” poster. One kid put him in an NBA uniform sinking a Pistol Pete-level trey. Teachers were pretty happy, too.

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Mediterranean nation has presence at Holston Hills home

Bill Dockery
Features columnist

The view from Lydia Mihelic Pulsipher’s home on Westover Terrace in Holston Hills encompasses the best of East Tennessee. As you take in the long blue range of the Smokies, the panorama is spectacular. The view is a backdrop for a flagpole in Pulsipher’s yard that proudly flies a red, white and blue flag.

But the flag is not Old Glory, the Stars and Stripes, the Grand Old Flag. It has three bold horizontal stripes – white above blue above red – embellished with a badge featuring three stars, mountains and sea. It is the national flag of Slovenia, and it directly links Knoxville and East Tennessee to the small European country on the east end of the Mediterranean Sea.

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The rise and fall of Tyler Harber

Betty Bean
Government/Politics columnist

My first encounter with Tyler Harber was in 2001 when he was working in Joe Bailey’s first city council campaign.

I’d taken a couple of pokes at him as the new enfant terrible of local politics, and one night when Joe met me at a blues bar in the Old City to drop off some campaign literature, he mentioned that Tyler was waiting for him in the car.

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