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The race for law director: Did somebody call 911?

Betty Bean
Government/Politics columnist

Some of Cynthia Moxley’s clients do business with local government, so she and her husband and business partner, Alan Carmichael, usually steer clear of election skirmishes unless someone named Haslam or Duncan – families with whom the Carmoxes have deep and long-standing personal and professional connections – is running.

Their firm has a substantial online presence (Moxley has won numerous social media awards), and its website describes Moxley Carmichael as “East Tennessee’s premier public relations firm, providing comprehensive communications services to companies with a local, regional and national footprint. Founded in 1992, we’ve helped businesses and organizations increase visibility and achieve desirable results.”

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Emerald Academy preparing for second year enrollment deadline

Betty Bean
Government/Politics columnist

There’s a lot to love about Emerald Academy:

Happy, polite first graders and kindergarteners hard at work under the guidance of two teachers – and a granny – per classroom, a beautifully restored and renovated facility housed in the 100-year old Moses Elementary School smack in the heart of Mechanicsville, a state-of-the-art cafeteria, a high tech media center, an auditorium and a gym.

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Vols rushing: Different world, interesting numbers

Marvin West

Different world, different game, interesting numbers from now and then.

With Jalen Hurd, Alvin Kamara and Joshua Dobbs carrying the ball most of the time, Tennessee rushed for 2,908 yards and won nine of 13 games this past season. The improved ground attack produced 32 touchdowns and generated considerable excitement.

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Election is political and that’s OK

Sandra Clark

Early voting starts today (Feb. 10) and the election is March 1 for two countywide offices and two school board seats. It’s called an off-year election, and back when voters were smart enough to elect a school superintendent, that race was on this ballot, too.

It’s fitting that the countywide races will be decided in the Republican Primary, because one is fratricidal as Republicans struggle with what historian Bruce Wheeler termed the “otherness” of Appalachian life – the tug between modernization and tradition.

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R. Cliff White: soldier, entrepreneur, leader

Jim Tumblin
History and Mysteries

Raymond Clifford “Cliff” White, born on June 5, 1892, was the son of Frank A. White (1854-1937) and Angeline Murphy White (1863-1941). Cliff was raised on his parents’ farm in the Hendron’s Chapel Community of Knox County near the Sevier County line, the seventh of the nine children who lived to adulthood.

He had barely completed his education in the local schools and begun his life’s work when World War I, one of the deadliest conflicts in history, began in Europe in July 1914.

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Big spending in two school board races

Sandra Clark

The Board of Education currently leans 5-4 in support of Superintendent Jim McIntyre; but when Tony Norman, running unopposed, takes office in September, the numbers will flip. Whether that comes as a 5-4 or 7-2 majority will be determined by two elections on March 1.

District 5 (Farragut): Karen Carson is stepping down after three terms.

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