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From logs to windows, Dealers Warehouse thrives

Sandra Clark

One of Knox County’s oldest businesses is also one of the least-known. Dealers Warehouse Corporation was highlighted last week at the Halls Business and Professional Association meeting at Beaver Brook County Club.

CEO Les Mirts spoke at the invitation of club president F. Carl Tindell, who claims anyplace east of I-75 as a Halls business.

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Freeman challenges TVA to step up renewable energy game

Betty Bean
Government/Politics columnist

Toward the end of what was billed as a public conversation with S. David Freeman, a young woman in the audience invited the former TVA director to come back to Knoxville Aug. 25 and rally a citizens’ group before they converge on a TVA board meeting to demand greater attention to energy efficiency.

“We would be honored if you would come speak to them, and it would draw more media attention,” said Amy Kelly of Appalachian Voices.

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Expect McWherter re-appointment

Victor Ashe
Government/Politics columnist

President Obama will re-appoint Mike McWherter to a second term on the TVA Board of Directors this year. McWherter, son of the late Gov. Ned McWherter and Democratic nominee for governor in 2010, lives in Jackson in West Tennessee.

No one from Knoxville or East Tennessee now serves on the TVA board for the first time in several decades.

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Please, less baloney

Scott Frith
Government/Politics columnist

Hey candidates! Give us less baloney and more meat and potatoes.

Although the first votes won’t be cast until 2018, county commissioner and radio personality Bob Thomas kicked off his campaign for county mayor this month with a baloney cutting at Howard Phillips’ real estate company in Powell. The location was no coincidence. In 2009, Tim Burchett announced his campaign for mayor there as well.

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Life in railroad’s gilded age

Abraham Kingsley ‘King’ Macomber (1875-1955)

Jim Tumblin
History and Mysteries

“It was the flower of the golden age of passenger equipment. … no perquisite of wealth and importance will ever achieve the distinction of the dark green private varnish car that for half a century rolled splendidly over the nation’s railroad system.”

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Old Sears building targeted for sale

Betty Bean
Government/Politics columnist

The Andrew Johnson building on Gay Street isn’t the only iconic, county-owned structure Knox County is looking to sell. Last week, Mayor Tim Burchett told the Shopper News that he intends to put the former Sears store at 1000 N. Central on the block before he leaves office in September 2018.

“That’s part of the long-range plan,” he said. “And it’s in keeping with my philosophy of putting government property back on the tax rolls.”

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