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Haslams swap residences

Victor Ashe
Government/Politics columnist

Gov. Bill and Crissy Haslam are moving from their longtime home in old Westmoreland on Sherwood Drive back to the house where the governor lived as a young teenager on Lyons Bend Road adjacent to the Tennessee River.

The Haslams will still be city residents as both homes are in the city. They will continue to be represented on City Council by Duane Grieve and on County Commission by Hugh Nystrom. Martin Daniel is their state representative. Grieve is a Democrat, while Nystrom and Daniel are Republicans.

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Looking in on a community school Christenberry is thriving

Betty Bean
Government/Politics columnist

Working at Christenberry Elementary School is like coming home to Tiffany Davidson, site resource coordinator for the Great Schools Partnership’s Community Schools Initiative. She’s a proud graduate of Fulton High School, where she was a cheerleader. She has fond memories of her team winning a state football championship her senior year.

“I’m a Falcon,” she said, flashing a broad, infectious smile. “I graduated from Fulton in ’04, so this is my community and I’m really blessed to be back, just down the hill from where I spent my high school years.”

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Burchett loading MPC with developers

Betty Bean
Government/Politics columnist

Neighborhood activists reacted strongly to one of Mayor Tim Burchett’s new appointments to the 15-member Metropolitan Planning Commission. The city mayor gets seven appointments, the county mayor eight.

Word went out Thursday that Burchett has tapped Chris Ooten, an executive with Safe Harbor Development whose resume also includes working for Weigel’s and Schaad Properties in zoning, development and construction.

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Sidewalks in neighborhoods would be a good start

Wendy Smith
Government/Politics columnist

Those Who Pay Attention know that the Knoxville-Knox County Metropolitan Planning Commission has been working on new subdivision requirements. The final draft was on this month’s MPC agenda, but staff requested a one-month postponement to allow for more public input.

This was primarily because the first draft of the document included language that required sidewalks to be installed on one side of the street in new city and county subdivisions while two subsequent drafts did not.

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Todd Kelly Jr.: Building a life ‘brick by brick’

Nancy Anderson
Features columnist

University of Tennessee football Volunteer Todd “T.K.” Kelly Jr. sat down with Faith Promise Church’s senior pastor, Dr. Chris Stephens, last week to discuss how he is building an extraordinary life “brick by brick.”

Kelly’s father played defensive end for UT. Todd Jr. explained humbly what it means to be a member of Team 120.

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Bob Kronick: community schools pioneer

Betty Bean
Government/Politics columnist

One afternoon during the late ’90s, Bob Kronick was sitting in a barbeque joint at the Peavine Road I-40 interstate ramp pondering his next move.

He’d spent the day at a Middle Tennessee prison, and he was frustrated. Kronick has a doctorate in social psychology and chaired UT’s Department of Human Services from 1971-2001, when he moved to the College of Education’s Ed Psych and Counseling department. He had developed rehabilitative services for inmates, but things weren’t working as well as he’d hoped. Then he had a revelation:

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