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New York to Knoxville
my word!
Sandra Clark...
High bar for Clarence Eddie
Dr. Fred Hurst often asks: What do you call the guy who finished last in his class in medical school?

Answer: “Doctor.”

Pundits are worried about newly elected chancellor Clarence “Eddie” Pridemore. And we agree he has a high bar to...  More

Betty Bean...
Pridemore faces trial by fire; lawyers worry
“You’re at the airport with your wife and kids, getting ready to board a plane to Disney World. But when you get to the gate for the flight to Orlando, there’s an election, and a guy who’s never flown before is elected pilot and citizens are compelled to get on that plane.”   More
 Former Vol Sterling “Sterl the Pearl” Henton was on hand to play dance hits at the red-carpet event.

Rolling out the red carpet

By Ruth White

To echo former Vol Sterling Henton, Sarah Moore Greene probably had the best-ever back-to-school welcome in Knox County. Henton greeted kids as staff members rolled out the red carpet and treated students like superstars as they entered the building.

On the carpet, many hugs were given out, smiles were shared and some students even danced their way to the front doors. The kickoff was the staff’s way of showing the students that they are special and creating a good start to the year.   More