Making the case for Donald Trump

Scott Frith
Government/Politics columnist

This election is rigged. All of it. And if Donald Trump somehow comes back to win on Election Day it will be the biggest upset since Harry Truman came back to defeat Thomas Dewey in 1948.

When I write that the election is rigged, I’m not referring to the vote itself (at least not around here). Tennessee has hard-working election officials who will ensure the integrity of the ballot.

This election is rigged because the national media and Democratic Party have never been so coordinated in their efforts to destroy the Republican nominee and influence the outcome of the election.

The (now infamous) recorded conversation between Donald Trump and Billy Bush occurred 11 years ago, and it’s easy to speculate that NBC had that audio tape before the Republican primary.

And they waited until now to use it.

If NBC were a news organization, instead of a political organization, they would have released the audio prior to the primary, and Republicans (if so inclined) could have nominated someone else.

NBC didn’t. They didn’t care about keeping Trump out of the White House. Republicans could have stopped Trump in the primaries. Instead, and more revealingly, NBC waited until weeks before the general election – for maximum effect – to help put Hillary Clinton in the White House.

In fact, a cynic might even say that Trump was a media-empowered Trojan horse used to destroy the Republican Party in 2016.

Think about it.

The purpose of these daily media frenzies isn’t just to defeat Donald Trump, but it’s also to elect Democrats to Congress. In states like Florida and Arizona, previously safe Republican incumbents like John McCain and Marco Rubio are threatened by this incessant anti-Trump media barrage. If these incumbents were to lose, and enough congressional seats switch parties in a Clinton landslide, a President Clinton and a Democratic-controlled Congress could replace Obamacare with a single-payer health care system and remake the Supreme Court in their own liberal-corporatist image, endangering the rights of gun owners and thwarting a generation of conservative advances.

As Republicans, we cannot allow the Democrats and their accomplices in the media to succeed. There’s only one way to break this axis of Democratic-media corruption.

Defeat Hillary Clinton.

And now the only way to defeat Clinton is to elect Donald Trump.

Many longtime Republicans are struggling to vote for Trump. Never have so many Republicans been so disgusted by a nominee. These concerns are legitimate and shouldn’t be taken lightly.

In fact, it says a lot about the state of our politics that Republicans are forced to vote for a scoundrel to prevent the election of Hillary Clinton – the most corrupt major party candidate in a generation.

Donald Trump may be bad for the Republican Party and the country, but Trump is the only person who can stop Hillary Clinton. Republicans have no choice but to stand against the media’s effort to rig this election and vote for Donald Trump for President.

Scott Frith is a local attorney.
You can visit his website at

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