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Commission approves sheriff’s cars

Sandra Clark

Sheriff Earl Loy Jr. has more friends on the full County Commission than he has at the Budget and Finance Committee. That’s the best conclusion to draw from the ease with which the Union County Sheriff’s Office got approval to purchase four new Ford SUVs at the commission’s Feb. 10 meeting.

Or maybe commissioners just got tired of haggling about it.

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McIntyre is focus of 6th District slugfest

Betty Bean
Government/Politics columnist

The 6th District for both school board and county commission stretches from Amherst to Hardin Valley, from Karns to Norwood and Pleasant Ridge, swooping up to Ball Camp and Byington-Solway and Karns.

These disparate communities are bound together in a newly configured district, previously represented by Cindy Buttry and Thomas Deakins, who were squeezed out when district lines were redrawn. Buttry bowed out in 2012, and Deakins will not stand for re-election this year.

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Rogero to offer budget options

Victor Ashe
Government/Politics columnist

Recently, Mayor Rogero held a budget retreat with City Council at the Convention Center, outlining budget issues as her staff saw them.

She said she would present a 6 percent cut in one city budget and another budget that would fund the increase for the city pensions, cost-of-living raises and infrastructure projects. The second budget would entail a city property-tax increase, but the mayor was silent on the specific amount.

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Dewhirst to develop Depot property

Jake Mabe
Features/Politics columnist

David Dewhirst is developing property at 301 and 309 North Central Street and 219-223 West Depot Avenue adjacent to the Southern Railway Depot into a combination residential and retail center that will also include what Dewhirst calls a “destination restaurant.”

The city of Knoxville’s Industrial Development Board voted to give Dewhirst’s Depot Development LLC a 12-year Payment In-Lieu of Taxes (PILOT) on the property at its annual meeting last week.

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The effective detective: Pat Patterson

Malcolm Shell
Features columnist

An intricate part of any community is local law enforcement. The Concord/Farragut communities had the best of the best in Constable W.O. “Pat” Patterson.

I talked to his son Bud recently, and the conversation eventually got around to his father. Bud was a classmate at Farragut High and enjoyed a long career with Delta Airlines. After retirement, he compiled a family history that could easily be turned into a novel about the legendary law-enforcement officer who had a reputation of being “untouchable” in dealing with crime in Knox County. Bud lent me the book only on condition that I would guard it with my life.

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