New spring menu at The Front Porch

Sandra Clark

Our friend Bart Elkins has introduced a new menu at The Front Porch. But wait! This looks like the original menu!

“We didn’t want to drop the items that keep people coming back,” Bart explained.

What’s new are portions and prices. Bart calls them “manageable portions for the right price.”

The menu features 15 items that will be served from lunch through dinner, with specials like prime rib added on Friday and Saturday evenings. The prices range from $8.99 to $13.99.

“We’re extending this menu to every pocketbook,” said Bart. “We want to open up this historic home for the community, so people can come as often as possible. We want this to be grandma’s kitchen.”

Items include trout cakes with fresh grilled cabbage, salmon patties with mixed greens, shrimp & grits, steak & grits, fried chicken & grits, steak & chips, Smoky Mountain burger, Fire on the Mountain burger, chicken salad sandwich, petite plate, parmesan turkey short plate, berry turkey short plate, apple butter pork chops short plate, Cobb salad and house salad.

Brunch is served Saturdays from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.

History Club

Bart and Cindy could be flipping burgers in a strip mall, but they have chosen to lovingly restore and operate from a 100-year-old home. That creates limitations, such as a small kitchen, but the payoff is huge in terms of a one-of-a-kind dining experience and keeping Powell’s history alive.

So I’ve thought up a way to help them (or at least get one great story per week for the Shopper). Starting Wednesday, March 22, Bart is giving us use of one room from 2-4 p.m. for a new history club. I’ll coordinate it with a variety of co-hosts. Bart has agreed to fix a special late lunch (supper for those of you who get up earlier than I do). It’s a “pot of …” with a slab of cornbread and nutritious water for $5.

You don’t have to eat to attend, but where else can you find grandma’s kitchen for $5?

This will be coming full circle for me. Back in the previous century, I wrote a series called “Allan and Hilda’s Back Porch.” Allan Gill invited old-timers who talked about their memories of early Powell. Most of those folks have passed on, including Allan and Hilda. If memory serves, only Snooks Scarbro and Margaret Watson are still around.

So guess what. I’m calling Snooks and Margaret first. Come on over to The Front Porch. It’s easy to find at the intersection of Spring Street and Emory Road – the home built in 1910 by George and Frona Gill where their daughter, Ruth, was born in 1911 and later lived with her husband, Kyle Herrell, until she died Feb. 2, 2007, at age 96.

You are invited!

Think you don’t have time to hang around for two hours a week, listening to tales of years past? So what are you doing that’s more important? Bring $5, eat a pot of ….. and have some fun. See you there!

Sandra Clark is the Powell community reporter. Reach her at 865-661-8777.

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