The good ol’ boys are back

Sandra Clark

Let’s review local winners and losers on March 1.

Winners have to include former Sheriff Tim Hutchison. He stepped out for Donald Trump when nobody else would. Trump’s Tennessee win puts Hutchison in the spotlight and he will make the most of it.

Tim Burchett called Bud Armstrong his friend three times in a 30-second TV spot. Bud rolled over the well-funded Nathan Rowell on his way to a second term as county law director.

Scott Moore (and his father-in-law John Whitehead) survived efforts by Jim Weaver to link Whitehead to Moore and the Black Wednesday shenanigans. Whitehead’s win, though narrow, will clear the way for Moore to resume leadership roles in GOP politics.

A notable loser was Commissioner Jeff Ownby who polled under 16 percent as an incumbent seeking re-election. Ownby ignored suggestions that he step down after his arrest for misdeeds in a public park.

Gov. Bill Haslam didn’t help Marco Rubio with his late endorsement (half of the primary voters had already voted in early voting), leaving politicos wondering why Haslam didn’t just sit it out.

And how can Haslam’s own poll numbers remain so strong when he’s clearly out of step with voters on many key issues?

The biggest loser, however, is Laurens Tullock. His email soliciting funds for Nathan Rowell, Grant Standefer and Buddy Pelot netted considerable cash but no winners, although Pelot will advance to an August runoff with Susan Horn.


Hillary Clinton, asked if she’s ever told a lie, said she tries not to. “She’s no George Washington,” said Powell guy Bill Vaughan.

Sam McKenzie, nearing the end of his term on County Commission, voted against everything associated with a new Gibbs Middle School. Most votes were 9-1.

Ed Brantley just didn’t want to give a tax break to the Tombras Group to buy the old KUB building downtown. His was the sole no vote, triggering a comment from McKenzie: “It’s a lonely feeling, isn’t it, Ed?”

Donald Trump says his hand size doesn’t mean he’s lacking in other anatomical areas. “You just can’t watch these GOP debates with small children,” said a blogger.

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