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Horn or Pelot in District 5?

Betty Bean
Government/Politics columnist

If the 5th District school board runoff had been held last fall, the debate would have started (and pretty much ended) with the question, “James McIntyre: for him or against him?”

The controversial former superintendent changed the conversation when he announced in December that he was stepping down from his $228K (plus perks) job. But underlying issues still remain.

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Big spending in two school board races

Sandra Clark

The Board of Education currently leans 5-4 in support of Superintendent Jim McIntyre; but when Tony Norman, running unopposed, takes office in September, the numbers will flip. Whether that comes as a 5-4 or 7-2 majority will be determined by two elections on March 1.

District 5 (Farragut): Karen Carson is stepping down after three terms.

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Pelot could give fresh perspective to school board

Wendy Smith
Government/Politics columnist

West Knox attorney Buddy Pelot has thrown his hat into the ring for election to the school board seat now held by Karen Carson, who is stepping down after three terms. It’s District 5 and includes Farragut High and surrounding communities.

He’s a partner with Egerton McAfee, but he also has a long-held interest in public education and a master’s degree in policy development and program evaluation from Vanderbilt. He has three children, two of whom have graduated from Knox County schools. The youngest is a freshman at Bearden High School.

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