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School rezoning could unwind ’89

Sandra Clark

Knox County is poised to undo much of the rezoning for racial desegregation that has affected families and even home construction for almost 30 years.

The school board must accommodate the fall 2018 opening of two new schools – Gibbs Middle (600 students) and Hardin Valley Middle (1,200). Those 1,800 kids are currently zoned for middle school somewhere else. With several middle schools currently under capacity, the challenge is to fill the new schools while keeping the others open.

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Debate Monday, Wednesday on Rountree resolution

Below is correspondence from interim Superintendent Buzz Thomas which includes an email from board member Amber Rountree.

——– Original message ——–
From: Buzz Thomas <buzz.thomas@knoxschools.org>
Date: 9/23/16 2:08 PM (GMT-05:00)

Subject: RE: Resolution Supporting Documentation

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Feel the ‘Buzz’ for next schools super

Betty Bean
Government/Politics columnist

In February, school board member Terry Hill’s colleagues tasked her with vetting candidates for interim schools superintendent and reporting back April 4 with a recommendation for her colleagues. There are several candidates, but almost nobody is talking about anyone but Great Schools Partnership president Oliver “Buzz” Thomas for the job.

Thomas gained frontrunner status because he is intimately familiar with the workings of Knox County Schools, well liked and, in many respects, highly qualified. Board chair Doug Harris kicked that perception up a notch when he undercut Hill by declaring Thomas the best choice before the vetting process had begun. Harris is not running for re-election and is the de facto leader of the five-member majority that will control the board until new members are seated in September. Hill, who is not a member of the majority coalition, declined to comment on the process.

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