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Difference of opinion

Marvin West

In comparison to recent athletics directors, John Currie may be cause for celebration. He brings an actual track record. He is relatively modern. He uses the word “cool.” He has personality and doesn’t do sun lamps or hair dye.

Now that the music has stopped and noise has subsided, let us seek what passes for the truth. What we have here is a guarded difference of opinion about the new man at Tennessee. There is high praise, mostly from far-away places. There are biting local undertones but they do not sound lethal.

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Currie selected on split vote

Victor Ashe
Government/Politics columnist

Newly designated University of Tennessee Athletic Director John Currie was not the unanimous choice of the six-member search committee, this writer has learned from sources who declined to be named. Peyton Manning and trustee Charlie Anderson voted for former coach Phil Fulmer, while Currie was the choice of the remaining four members. None are talking on the record.

The hire was a strong surprise. Manning did attend the Currie news conference Thursday in a show of unity.

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