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Beavers may chair GOP delegation

Victor Ashe
Government/Politics columnist

Knoxville resident Susan Richardson Williams, a Jeb Bush candidate for delegate on March 1, was appointed as an alternate for Donald Trump by the GOP state committee at its April 2 meeting. Williams has served on the UT Board of Trustees, TVA Board of Directors and as commissioner of personnel under Gov. Lamar Alexander. She will serve along with former state Sen. Stacey Campfield as an alternate for Trump.

Other Knoxville residents going to the GOP national convention as delegates and alternates include former Sheriff Tim Hutchinson for Trump, Sam Maynard for Trump, Ken Gross for Trump, Karen Brown alternate for Cruz, this writer for Rubio, Michael Hensley for Rubio, Party chair Ryan Haynes for Rubio, Ted Hatfield alternate for Trump, Mike Arms alternate for Rubio and Gov. Bill Haslam for Rubio. Former Knoxville resident and UT student body president Steve Gill is a Cruz delegate.

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