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The good ol’ boys are back

Sandra Clark

Let’s review local winners and losers on March 1.

Winners have to include former Sheriff Tim Hutchison. He stepped out for Donald Trump when nobody else would. Trump’s Tennessee win puts Hutchison in the spotlight and he will make the most of it.

Tim Burchett called Bud Armstrong his friend three times in a 30-second TV spot. Bud rolled over the well-funded Nathan Rowell on his way to a second term as county law director.

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Trump takes South Carolina, TN votes March 1

Scott Frith
Government/Politics columnist

Donald Trump won the South Carolina Republican Presidential Primary on Saturday. It was a dominating win. Most pundits agree that Marco Rubio has the best shot to defeat Trump if he consolidates so-called establishment support. My guess is that Trump’s biggest opponent isn’t Marco Rubio or Hillary Clinton.

It’s himself.

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