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Union County is region’s ‘next big thing’

Sandra Clark

Roads, jobs, retail top county goals

If you’re thinking about building or expanding a business, look north to Union County. State funding is available to help stimulate growth in 23 so-called distressed counties. Union County is the closest to Knoxville.

It made the list with unemployment of 11.4 percent, per capita income of $18,000 and a poverty rate of 22 percent, according to the state’s most recent reports. Many residents drive to Knox County to shop and work.

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Can private money help build roads?

Wendy Smith
Government/Politics columnist

David Price just wants to be able to ride a bike out of his West Knox neighborhood. But his idea for making Northshore Drive a safer place to ride could lead to safer roads, and better connectivity, throughout Knox County.

Some would call his plan crazy. He wants to add a center turn lane, bike lanes on both sides of the road and a sidewalk to 7.6 miles of Northshore from Pellissippi Parkway to the Loudon County line. When that’s done, he’d like to extend improvements the other direction − from Pellissippi to Lakeshore Park.

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