Roberto has website for council race

Victor Ashe
Government/Politics columnist

Former Election Commissioner Andrew Roberto, 40, who lives on Hayslope Drive in the new Westmoreland, is an attorney and is also running for the District 2 (Duane Grieve) seat on Knoxville City Council. He is a single parent who shares custody of his two daughters, Kylie and Hannah, with their mother.

He is the only candidate in this district who currently has a website at The website does not yet specify his stands on issues. He wants to “give back” to the community. He wants to spend time listening to voters. He attends Cokesbury United Methodist Church. While a Democrat, he favors nonpartisan elections for city office.

Roberto says he does not anticipate Mayor Madeline Rogero getting involved in council races. He says he “has not heard any argument which makes me think we should increase taxes” in the city. On the Sheffield Drive sidewalk, he says he wants to listen to the residents. He had not met at the time of the interview with Sandi Robinson, longtime West Hills resident and sidewalk advocate.

Roberto favors the Lady Vols name being restored at UT. One of his council opponents, Wayne Christensen, named prominent attorney and former state Rep. Richard Krieg as his treasurer. Krieg has a long record in local politics.

■  Former U.S. ambassador to Chad and Benin, Jim Knight, who has retired to Tellico with his wife, will speak at 5:30 p.m. Wednesday, April 5, at the Howard Baker Center at UT. The public is invited to hear his talk on relations between the U.S. and African nations.

■  Former U.S. Sen. and Vice President Al Gore turns 69 on March 31. He lives in the Belle Meade area of Nashville. Former city council member Larry Cox turns 75 on Thursday, March 30.

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